Insurance and Financial Advise

We deal in a wide spectrum of services that pertain to the financial domain. Our strategically developed services for insurance and investment, Flexibility and client specific being the distinguishing features of our services, we also offer to complete all the legal formalities, in an appropriate manner.

Life insurance

We assist you in securing your future by providing life insurance policies at competitive premium. Our insurance policies are provided in various terms and renewal plans to suit the diverse needs of the clients. However, the most important benefit of these insurance plans is that it gives you flexibility in choosing the premium amount.

Health Insurance

Our strategically defined plans for general insurance help our clients gain maximum benefit and security. Providing complete financial protection, our diverse general insurance plans can be availed by our clients in varied range of premiums that suit the budgets of all our clients. All the document procedures for insurance are carried out in hassle free way to assist our clients in the most satisfying manner.

National Insurance – Policy Repository (NIR)

With the launch of National Insurance – Policy Repository (NIR) services by Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDA), policyholders can now enjoy the comfort of storing all insurance policies electronically under a single electronic insurance account or e-insurance account (eIA) without any cost. The insurance companies are also likely to minimize their costs through this initiative which will also provide convenience to policy holders, thus helping in improving the insurance penetration in the country.

Key Features of the service :

  • Provision for policyholders to record their policies electronically.
  • To keep track of the policies in a structured manner through an e-insurance account which is free of cost.
  • Single point of service for updating and managing details making it easier, faster and more reliable.
  • Eliminates the drawbacks of holding the insurance policies in physical form, thus no risk of loss or damage.
  • An e-insurance account holder will be spared the trouble of submitting KYC details each time a new policy is taken.
  • It will also facilitate conversion of the existing paper policies into electronic policies at the request of the policy holders.
  • Initially, life insurance policies and pension plans are being allowed to be held in e-insurance accounts. The facility will eventually be extended to health, car, home and other forms of general insurance.
  • Benefits and Ease to Policy holders :

  • eIA Servicing
  • Single request for contact details updation
  • Premium alerts & payment for all insurers
  • Increased number of service touch points
  • Consolidated insurance statement
  • Preparation of Business project Reports

    We prepare business project reports according to customers’ requirements. The project reports help one to assess the pros and cons of any business plan and also perform the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) Analysis of the project. The business project reports prepared by us are comprehensive and are made by performing extensive market research.

    Customer oriented service

    From time to time we will perform other services related to programs which are short-lived. Some services that are performed on an on-going basis are the result of experience and information gained from performing many services.